13 April 2020 / Club News

Coronavirus Update

I think that the most important message that I can forward is that I hope that you are all WELL, SAFE and coping with the ISOLATION. I would also like to take the opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to any of you or your families who are involved in the NHS, or other essential services (too many to try to identify and too easy to miss some out). The situation we find ourselves in at the heart of this Pandemic is completely without precedent but, hard as it is, where would we be without those who make huge sacrifices while working in the Front Line and doing their utmost to cover our needs, to keep us safe and to treat and care for us should we be unfortunate enough to fall ill.



At present the Jazz organisers are keeping their options open and hope that by August the Jazz Festival will be able to go ahead, in spite of the fact that many other organisations, including the Royal Welsh, the National Eisteddfod and Brecon Agricultural Show, have decided to cancel. In this period of uncertainty we have decided not to take any Bookings for Camping at Parc de Pugh at this time. We will then review our position at the end of May and I will update you at that time.



The WRU has decided to suspend their Lottery for an indefinite period. For Brecon Members who participate in the Lottery then their Direct Debits go to the Club and the WRU then collect by Direct Debit from the Club’s account. That collection now has been suspended. Any member who now wishes to suspend or cease their Direct Debit payment to the Club should do so immediately. If you decide to do that then please inform your bank and let me know that you have taken that action. For those who do not cancel then their payment will be held by the Club and they will be re-entered into the Lottery as soon as it is re-started.



Who knows! What is important is that we set our priorities and do as much as we can to avoid long term damage to our Club and maintain our ability to be the focus for Rugby participation and enjoyment within our community. The Board meets regularly via Zoom meetings. (The only time, in the past, that I encountered the word Zoom was in cartoons but it now has a totally different meaning and for some of us it has introduced us to a new but effective communication tool.) The Board are working hard to ensure that we are able to survive through the enforced shut down where our income from the Clubhouse, matches, and match sponsorship etc. has completely disappeared and yet we still have financial commitments. The good news is that we all believe that we will see this through and emerge at the end of it still able to deliver rugby at all levels.

On behalf of the Board I would like everyone to note that while, of necessity, our focus is on the survival of the Club, it is not our most pressing concern at this time. The most important issue is that we want to see all of our Players, Members, Friends emerge safely from this crisis.

STAY SAFE, STAY WELL and I look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future.


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