Membership form 2021 - 2022 season


Membership for Season 2021/22, commencing 1st September, is now due. 

Please download, complete and return the form together with your annual subscription by 30th September 2021. The subscription rates are:

Full member £35; Adult playing member £40; Junior/Mini/Youth/ playing member £35; Junior/Mini family membership £80 (to include parents and all mini junior playing members of the family); Ten Year membership £300

If you wish to receive information from the Club then Please add your e-mail address to the application form. This will help to ensure that you have regular information about the club, events, international ticket allocations etc. Any personal data will be held in accordance with the Club's Privacy Policy and you can request that your personal data is removed from our records at any time. If you wish to receive a Copy of the Club's Privacy Policy then please contact the Club Secretary or access the Link below.

Brecon RFC Data Protection Policy

Membership Subscriptions and Loyalty Cards

Bar Pricing Policy

Club Members will receive a discount on drinks from the time the Membership Card is issued.  The discount and pricing will be listed and the Members Discount Tariff shown. The initial discount has been set at 5%, although this will continue to be reviewed on a regular basis.

Whilst BRFC is seen as being very competitive in the local market for its bar prices, the discounts anticipated will reinforce this position.

Additional Comments

  • If you are on a ‘subs paid, card awaited’ list, the bar staff are authorised to override the non-members prices – this override will NOT be used for cards that are forgotten.

  • There will be a degree of latitude for the first month only. The Club Steward / Committee have sole discretion in determining what latitude is given.

  • Life Members, 10 year Members, and Vice Presidents will automatically be members of the Loyalty Scheme and will be given a card to use. They will be subject to the same controls outlined above for Members.

  • Mini and Junior parents will need to join as Members if they wish to enjoy Member’s prices – a Family Membership option is available.

  • Function prices and non-member prices will be one and the same (Standard prices). Members will enjoy discounts at all times.


An area of difficulty with this scheme is where Members invite genuine guests into the Club. If a Member genuinely buys all of the drinks then the Member’s prices will apply. If the guest buys a round then non-member prices will prevail. Similarly, non-member prices will apply if a Member is given money by another Member who cannot produce a swipe card to buy drinks. These situations will be monitored and, if abuse is suspected, action may be taken. Of course, it is in the interests of regular guests to become Members.

The Board recognises that this is a difficult area and is open to abuse. The Board hopes that Members will understand and appreciate that the scheme is being introduced for their exclusive benefit and that they should observe and support the Scheme guidelines.

The decision of the Club Steward / Board is final and binding where any ruling on eligibility for discount is required.

Please pay your Membership subscription fees at the earliest opportunity so that, where possible, your membership can be updated well in advance of the agreed start date.

Thank you for you continued loyalty and support

Brecon RFC Board